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At Modify the Manor, we renovate, extend and repair homes in the Hampton area. Our commercial division renovates retail, restaurant, clinical and office spaces including low-rise combined residential and commercial developments.

Whether you’re just updating your kitchen or bathroom, undertaking a complete renovation or building from scratch, MTM’s team can guide you through the individual processes of concept and design, planning and permits right through to colour consultation and material selection.

Through building a relationship with you and understanding your intentions, we’ll deliver an end product that’s the optimum blend of functionality, impeccable design, comfort and elegance.

If you've suffered damage to your property from an insurable event and feel frustrated, stressed or like it’s not progressing fast enough, MTM Building Claims Assistance is here to help you get a fair and timely outcome.

Modify the Manor also modifies mould with our team of Mould remediation specialists. Mould in a property needs to rectified quickly and by experts as it poses health risks to those living or working in close proximity. If your property has suffered water damage, we’ll undertake a mould assessment and, if need be, we’ll work with you and your insurer to arrange evacuation and temporary accommodation and assistance with your insurance claim.

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