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Frustrated with a building claim?

Stressed, angry and feeling let down?

Time poor?

When you’ve experienced a significant event and have damage to your property, Modify the Manor is there for you when you need help and a timely building insurance claim outcome.  

We liaise with your insurer and all parties involved from assessors to repairers to ensure a satisfactory resolution to your claim.

MTM Building Claims Assistance is here to work with you if…

  • You need assistance at the beginning of lodging a new claim to ensure the optimum outcome for your repair;
  • You’ve lodged a claim and need help navigating the difficult and frustrating claims process and coordination of reports, quotes and repairs;
  • You’re unhappy with how your insurer is progressing your claim;

We will help you understand the industry and insurance company procedures as well as offer advice on the claims process and your claim resolution options.

We can either manage your claim for you or help guide you through process. We tailor our help specifically to your requirements. And, although we do everything we can to avoid lodging claims disputes with insurers, we take on dispute resolution on your behalf when construction disputes or conflicts arise.

Contact Natalie nat@modifythemanor.com.au or 0412 327 041 to find out how we can help you.

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